What is Massage?

The type of massage I practice is general Swedish (relaxation) and Deep Tissue.

It is part of being human to want and need touch, something many of us do not get enough of in life. Massage is an ancient art designed to work with various aspects of physical and mental health. At its simplest it is just a way to relax both your muscles and your mind to help put you more in balance. However, massage also works on other levels.

Massage works on many body systems, such as the muscular, lymphatic, skeletal, and fascial (connective tissue).

Flowing effleurage strokes work well on the lymphatic system, helping to clear toxins and unwanted materials from your body. These strokes also generally relaxes and warm up the body.

Many techniques and strokes such as kneading (pettrisage) and other deep stokes help loosed up the muscles. Deep compression stokes can get to deeper level of the musculature. Friction strokes can work along tight surface level muscles. loosening tight muscles not only feels relaxing,  but can lessen stress on the body and mind, and help realign the body, hopefully avoiding problems that accumulate over time from such stress and misalignment.

Mobilizations (moving of limbs and joints) can help with both the muscles, stretching them out, as well as the with skeletal system, helping with alignment.

Deep tissue techniques, such as compression strokes and digit or elbow pressure techniques help get at the deep muscles and fascial tissue that can be bound up. Bound fascia can restrict movement and create pain. Some muscles are layered deep under other muscles and tissue and so take deep work to access.

All of these systems work synergistically affecting one another, and so working on one or more level can effect the other levels and systems as well.

Together these techniques help one feel better mentally, physically and energetically. Regular massage can be part of maintaining one’s overall health.